Toothpix - Owen Tooth (Advised 15)

Toothpix - Owen Tooth (Advised 15)

Owen Tooth has been making films in the East Midlands since his graduation film for his degree at Derby was picked up for distribution by Redemption Films. His follow up film was described by Total Film Magazine as one of the five scariest shorts online. Shortly after, he won a major international YouTube competition to have one of his shorts featured as an extra on the release of the smash hit Paranormal Activity. Owen's entry into the first 5/24 film challenge won first prize, and his feature film debut, Devil’s Tower, was written by Quad's own Adam Marsh and went on to gain worldwide distribution. He's about to direct a BBC funded short film and has a feature film he's planning to direct this year.

Owen runs the busy production company Toothpix Ltd, making promos and commercials for businesses around the country.

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Toothpix - Owen Tooth (Advised 15)
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    This film contains horror images and suggested for over 18s only.

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  • 2009 - Labyrinth Derbicus

    A quirky fantasy film about a man who uses magic to get what he needs. Directed by Owen Tooth with help from James Knott and written by Stephen Loveless and starring Jon Glentoran. Winner of the 2009 Five/24 short film competition.