SuperfreakMedia - Liam Banks

SuperfreakMedia - Liam Banks

SuperfreakMedia is an Award Winning Production Company based in the East Midlands, established back in 2009. Since filmmaker Liam Banks founded the company they have
worked to create high quality and professional short film and video content. With the group having a love for ‘nostalgia’ and ‘yester-year’ they often look back at classic staples of cinema and genre pieces to reach new limits within their own work. Being big genre fans a lot of their work lies within either the Horror or Science Fiction genres. The team have been quite successful with their endeavours so far premiering shorts at the TCL Chinese Theatre in LA, having their work shown on the BBC and even winning an international contest to meet with Executives at New Line Cinema back in 2017.

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SuperfreakMedia - Liam Banks
  • Best Friends Forever

    Rachel is missing. Can her best friend find her... and does she want to?
    Starring Charlie Clarke and Jessica Messenger.

    Award winner
    ‘BEST HORROR FILM’ + ‘BEST EDITING’ + ‘BEST SOUND DESIGN’ at the Nexus Film Awards

    'BEST FILM' + 'BEST ACTRESS' at the Bloody Flicks Awards

    Nominated for - 'BES...

  • Sandman

    When Sandy wakes from a terrifying dream she realises that a much bigger nightmare awaits now she is awake.

    Award Winner
    Best Horror Short - UK Film Fest
    Best Scare & Best Short - Independent Horror Movie Awards

    This film contains horror images and is suggested for over 18s only.

  • Mr Creak

    When Penelope explores her childhood home she finds more than just old toys. Featured on The Fear first screened on BBC Three in the UK.

    This film contains horror images and is suggested for over 18s only.

  • 2016 - Wreckage

    A woman is trapped inside her car with the zombies on the outside and the inside! Placed 3rd in the 2016 Five/24 short film competition.
    Suggested for over 16s only, Caution: Horror images.

  • 2018 - Alone

    A man questions why his is alone in a post apocalyptic landscape...Placed 1st in the 2018 Five/24 short film competition.