Triskelle Pictures - Sophie Black

Triskelle Pictures - Sophie Black

Sophie Black founded Triskelle Pictures in 2008 to initially produce two of her short films as part of her Degree at the University Of The Creative Arts. Following her graduation, the company produced Ashes (2012) and Stop/Eject (2012). Subsequently the company went on to debut Night Owls in 2016, from a screenplay by award-winning screenwriter Tommy Draper, winning 17 awards from festivals across the world. In 2017, Triskelle Pictures produced Songbird starring The X Factor’s Janet Devlin and in 2020 released Lepidopterist which is currently playing the film festival circuit.

Featured here are STOP/EJECT (2012) (directed by Neil Oseman), Night Owls (2016) and Songbird (2018). Find out more about Sophie and Triskelle Pictures at

Photo credit - Ian Cudmore / I C Things Photography

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Triskelle Pictures - Sophie Black
  • 2015 - The Dress

    A would-be bride suffers a mental breakdown on the morning of her fiance's funeral. Placed 2nd in the Five/24 short film competition.

  • Songbird (2018)

    Songbird tells the story of Jennifer, a shy singer who must go on a journey - and find her courage - in order to retrieve her stolen voice from a mysterious old woman known as 'The Collector'. The film features a brand new score and original songs written by great independent musicians.

    Winner o...

  • STOP/EJECT (2012)

    "The tape recorder shows your life, and yours alone. What would you like to do?" - Alice, The Shopkeeper

    In early 2012, award-winning director Neil Oseman of Jigawatt Pictures chose Triskelle Pictures to help bring this emotional and ambitious short time-travel drama to life. Stop/Eject tells th...

  • Night Owls (2016)

    "You seem 'life' sad, like you've been sad for a long time... the kind of sadness which learns to live with itself."

    Set over the course of a single night, Night Owls is the story of two lost souls coming together. When teenage runaway Mari (newcomer Holly Rushbrooke) breaks into the house of re...