Pretty Grim Productions

Pretty Grim Productions

Pretty Grim Productions focuses on making strange, dark, funny films. It is run by Robert Duncan, an award winning Scottish filmmaker and screenwriter. His short films have been shown in numerous film festivals across the UK and Europe. They range from ear slicing horror, awkward portraits of familial relationships and supernatural mockumentary but all share an absurdist streak of humour and a playful eye on the human condition.

You can find him on twitter: @grim_pretty

Facebook: @PrettyGrimProductions


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Pretty Grim Productions
  • Revenant Relocation Officers

    For a week a crew of young filmmakers followed one of the most unappreciated groups of council workers: Revenant Relocation Officers.
    Join them and get a glimpse of the daily grind of ghost hunting as they deal with a host of restless spirits, rude poltergeists, unflattering overalls, and worst o...